Is your home improvement business in desperate need of new and attractive marketing ideas? Are you not able to generate or attract enough customers? Then you have come to the right place for the right solutions. As an experienced marketer, my primary job is to find the best marketing and promotional techniques for companies that are not able to find the right marketing mix to charm more customers. Either their marketing methods are outdated or they are using the same methods that everyone else is.

Whatever the reason might be, the situation indicates that you need a whole new set of latest marketing ideas for your home improvement business. So, let us help you with these carefully compiled ideas that are most likely to get your phone ringing.

1. Switch to Content Marketing

According to a survey that was recently conducted, 74.2% of the companies accepted that content marketing was helping their marketing teams in attracting quality and quantity.

74 percent

If you do not own a blog already then the best way to go about content marketing is by starting a personalized blog. Your blog should be focused on providing quality and helpful content to the visitors. These visitors-cum-potential customers can gain helpful advice from the blog in acquiring home improvement services for their homes. You can also add a section that would be dedicated to providing answers to the daily queries of visitors.

In your blog, try answering the major problems or questions that customers face and would be eager to know about. Questions such as:

  • The cost of products and services that your company provides and what can cause the cost to increase or decrease.
  • Informative and comprehensive review of your products and services.
  • Provide a detailed comparison of the different options that are available to the customers.
  • Inform them about the best solution that is fit for their home and within their budget.
  • The pros and cons of the solutions that you have provided.
  • The length of time that your products and services would take to install.

The above mentioned questions were the general and simplified ones that customers tend to ask. Moving to the more specific ones and remember, these would require proper and detailed answers. Questions such as:

  • If I were to install a hot tub, how much would it cost me?
  • Which option should I opt for, conservatories or oranges?
  • The amount of time would it take to install a boiler at my place?
  • Which glazing is better, double or triple?

One of the most important thing about your blog should be its search engine optimization (SEO) nature. Though, you should not only focus on keyword density in order to get a better SEO ranking but it is vital that the entire keyword or seed keyword (the basic and associated keyword) appear in your answers. Moreover, your blog does not need to be confined to written content, it can possess a variety of publications such as videos, slideshows, images and infographics, all related to general home improvement techniques or home improvement tasks completed by your company.

Each post of yours should also have the ability to convert the visitors into potential customers (leads). This can be achieved by providing a clear call to action (CTA) tab at the end of each post. The CTA will lead them to the next step which can be the downloading of a free guide or/and filling out of a form with name and email address. This can bring them to your list of leads.

So, now that you are aware of the term content marketing. It is regarded as one of the successfully tried and tested ways of improving your leads for your home improvement business.

2. Feed your leads with emails

Your customer database needs to be vast and a growing one. But having a customer database is one thing and converting it into actual customers is another. So, in order to achieve the latter, it is important to feed your customer database with helpful and focused information via email. Please do not send them jargon through emails, they will simply press the delete button. Use automated emails that only contain content relating to CTA the visitors opted for in the first place. As the survey indicates, 95% of the companies are using automated email marketing services to their benefit.

95 percent

For example, if the visitor has downloaded a free guide to the conservatory material or signed up for hot tubs newsletter then it would be ideal for them to receive something related to it. Possibly email them the text or link to your blog, comparing the top 5 most popular hot tub styles or information about a homeowner that acquired a one of the top 5 hot tube style for his/her home and reaped the benefits. The entire idea behind these emails is to feed their need by pointing the problems they might be facing and offering a suitable solution. This can help remove the hurdle between converting them from visitors to customers.

But, please be very careful with using automated emails. Do not overload the inbox of the potential customer as they would start regarding your emails as spams. Send one email a month or maximum two. There are also a few free software that may help you in getting started to properly manage the email workflow.

3. Remember your clients – customer retention

By now you are already aware of the difference between a potential customer and an actual customer/client. While it is crucial to attracting new customers, it is also vital to maintain the old ones. Remind your old customers, that already trust your services, about the variety of services you are offering.

5 percent

There is a possibility that your old customers may not know about the other products and services your company offers so a properly worded email can guide them. It can direct them into the other areas of their interest or areas related to the job they have gotten done by you in the past. For instance, if they purchased a double or triple glazing from you in the past, you might let them know about the conservatory services you offer. Or if you redid their roof for leakages then you may let them know about your guttering services. It could be that they are already planning to get something similar done and you provide them with the right solution at the right time.

4. Go for Web-based seminar – Webinar

Visuals work better than words, there is no secret in that. Take YouTube’s word for it, they claim that their mobile video consumption is doubling with every passing year. Hence, it is proven that online webinars are an informative and interactive way of engaging your potential customers. Though webinars are generally interactive, but a recorded video on your blog, YouTube channel or your website can also do the trick for you.


The webinar is easy to produce, you only require a camera (mobile camera would do), presentation giver and a clear and helpful message to convey. The emphasis is on the practicality of the information or advice given. The webinar can be about anything and everything, you may answer questions, provide tips or instead of writing simply speak the message out. For example:

  • The right conservatories for your home – Q&A
  • Five ways of protecting your roof from storm damage
  • The dos and don’ts of hot tube maintenance.

5. Get your Google MyBusiness account

Don’t know what Google MyBusiness account is? It is an online platform that combines Google search data with maps with Google + and that too with reviews, insights, and Google analytics. All this in one easy to use interface. The is extremely helpful when a potential customer is searching similar products and services as the ones offered by you, Google will guide them to you. It is mainly beneficial if your company is focused on local business or local area.

google my business

Google Mybusiness account will also help in diverting more traffic towards your website. It is useful in ranking up your websites and this can lead to more customer leads. If you still feel lost with Google Mybusiness then check my blog post regarding it. It will assist you in setting up your free Google Mybusiness account in seven simple steps.

6. Move your business with you

It does not mean moving your entire business when you travel but primarily means keeping a brochure or a booklet showing the classy and immaculate details of your work. The brochure or booklet can contain, images, testimonials, price list and complete business process management information such as address and contact details. You never know where you might find your next customer and the last thing you need is losing a golden opportunity to attract someone towards your products and services.

7. Call out on all the potential customers via an open house

An open house is always a welcome thing for universities, local shops and businesses so why not arrange one for yourself. Invite the local community and prospect buyers into your showroom or workshop. It will be an excellent way for the customers to know you, your business, the products/services you offer and the tasks fulfilled by you in the past. They can learn the ins and outs of home improvement without having to purchase anything. They can also provide their valuable feedback while you can make the most of this opportunity by handing them over your brochures and business cards when they are leaving or humbly request them to sign up for your emails, newsletters or blogs.

openhouse invitation

8. Advertise through your van

Determine your company’s unique selling point (USP) or a slogan. It could be anything, timely delivery, money back guarantee or no job too big or small for us. Whatever it is, simply paste it on your van along with your contact details. So. wherever your van goes, you advertise, for free.

Avoid fluffing your van and try keeping the USP or slogan as simple as possible because the easier to remember the better it is. Have a to the point’ marketing slogan.

9. The new form of competition – social media competition

Social media marketing are the best way to not only provides an increase in traffic towards your Facebook or Twitter page but also provides an upsurge in likes and brand awareness. Everyone fancies a free or a complementary item. It does not matter if the free or complementary item is costly or not, the entire idea is to bring people towards your company and its page.

social media home improvements

Take a look at the top five examples of things you could try on your home improvement page:

  • To win a free hot tub, like, share and comment on your page.
  • Like and get a chance to win a free annual service for your boiler.
  • Like, share and comment to win a free magnetic central heating filter and controls.
  • Enter our competition for a chance to win a free conservatory.
  • Why do you love hot tubs? The best answers get $500 off our entire range.

10. Referral Program

A staggering 92% of the people trust the referrals they receive from their friends or family members. This shows the strength of this cost-effective way of capturing new customers. The referral program can become more effective if there is a reward attached to it. The reward does not necessarily have to be high in price. It can be anything for the referrer and the referred, a gift voucher for a local store or restaurant or a certain percentage off their next home improvement purchase. Any form of discount or free vouchers, etc. is regarded as a great favor from the referrer to the referred.

11. Engaging email series

Writing a series of emails to convey a point or method to get something done can be the ideal way to engage your customers. It can even get you some new clients. The series can include several different parts of story containing images, visuals or infographics. It can be simple as well as contain complex terminology, the idea is to inform the user about a certain method whose products you sell. For example, a series on how to protect your roof throughout the year? People that sign up after the viewing your content, can help you establish a connection with them. After all, you are spending your valuable time providing free advice.

12. Display your work on Pinterest and Instagram

Free, useful and far reaching. Displaying your work via visuals, images or even a collage can help gain a considerable amount of attention from potential customers. Get quality pictures of the work you have successfully completed and display it on Pinterest or Instagram. It can even be something new or unrelated to home improvement, the aim is to keep the audience engaged.

compact power

Compact Power Equipment Rental page has over 44 boards containing advice, examples, and ideas for the people to check and the result is there for everyone to witness, incoming traffic of over 25,000 people on a daily basis. Take a look at this Buzzfeed post providing useful tips to beef up your Instagram page.

13. Advertise through re-targeted ads

Have you ever wondered the product that you were searching for lately is miraculously appearing as an ad on your Facebook page or Google? The answer is through re-targeted ads. Re-targeted ads allow you to focus on people that have visited your page in the last one month. It appears to remind them of their interest in your company or its products and services. An economical way of achieving high returns.

But remember to keep refreshing your ads’ content otherwise the image may become boring and instead of achieving high returns, you might be facing a drop in them.