7 Vastu tips for a Griha Pravesh

Here are some Vastu tips for a Griha Pravesh (housewarming) ceremony:

  1. Choose an auspicious date and time for the ceremony, as per the Hindu calendar and astrological chart.
  2. Clean and purify the house before the ceremony, and remove any negative energy.
  3. Perform a pooja (prayer ceremony) at the main entrance of the house, to invite positive energy and blessings.
  4. Place a Kalash (sacred water pot) filled with water, rice, and coins at the main entrance, and light a diya (lamp) beside it.
  5. Hang a toran (decorative arch) made of mango leaves or flowers at the main entrance, to welcome positivity and prosperity.
  6. Offer sweets and fruits to the gods and goddesses, and invite friends and family to participate in the ceremony.
  7. Finally, the head of the family should enter the house first and touch the threshold with his or her right foot to mark the beginning of a new journey.

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